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FG Industrial Painting
Certified Company UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

FG VERNICIATURA s.r.l. is proud of its 50 years of presence in the field of painting into the industrial and handicraft sectors; thanks to its great experience it is able to provide a service that is full of professionalism and expertise. The care and the kindness dedicated to the customers together with the quality and the accuracy of our work have made FG an established company in the sector of industrial painting and have led its presence among every industrial and handicraft sector.


Is based on
- customer’s satisfaction, providing an high quality service, that is quick and effective
-  the use of technologically advanced systems, that make the thermopainting process environmentally friendly
- thesearch for the most suitable solutions to the customer’s needs

OUR staff

A high-qualified personnel, that is able to offer a constant technical support to the customer
9 Production Operators
2 Logistics and Production Operators
3 Quality, Technique and Administration Operators
2 Truck Drivers
1 Sales Engineer



Thanks to our professionalism, we are proud of our high number of customers, who operate in the following sectors:
railway, marine, hospital, heavy and light carpentry, construction, iron and aluminum window frames, furniture, security, and on all the surfaces (steel, iron, aluminum, brass, wood, plastics etc.)






Our company can apply painting products, which are able to satisfy any kind of protection or finish needs on every type of metallic article: carbon steel, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized, electrolytic, non-ferrous, which are designed to any sort of environment, from the rural to the primary nuclear complex, according to ISO standards and similar ones.
Simultaneously it is able to carry out checks in all stages of the process: preparation, application, final check, according to ASTM standards and similar ones.


Our goal is the continuous professional improvement and our certifications can prove it.
We always keep an eye on the news of materials and technology, which are inherent to our work.
Our cycles for painting are divided into 16 levels of professionalism: every member of our production team is specialized for his classification and role to play, and is periodically formed to progress to the next level.




Formulas for particular aesthetic finishes, anticorrosive procedures for all industrial and primary nuclear environments or particularly economical supplies.

- Sandblasting (handmade in the cabin. Cabin size: 4,5 x 4,5 m; 4 m high)


- Powder coating (oven size: 6,5 x 2,5 m; 3 m high)


- Liquid coating (water-soluble and with solvent. Five semi-pressurized cabins equipped with temperature and humidity control)



• Degreasing
• Roughening and sealing
• Sandblasting
• Sanding
• Sanding stuccos or fillers
• Protection of the parts that must not be painted
• Application of powder coatings
• Application of gripping mono or bi-component primers
• Application of anticorrosive primers
• Application of spray fillers
• Application of paint solvent
• Application of transparent solvent
• Application of water-soluble primers
• Application of water-soluble paints
• Application of water-soluble transparent paints
• Application of double layer
• Application of metallic fillers (epoxy / polyester / nitro)
All the staff is trained to ensure the reliability of packaging



Our services
To fully satisfy the customer, in addition to the quality of the painting, we offer a service that facilitates the task to the client:
Pick-up and delivery, guaranteed packaging, sandblasting, plastering of low/medium/high level of finish, tintometric system.


Materials transportation
Pick-up and delivery within 24 hours from the call, made with our transports (2 trucks with a capacity of 35 quintals and 1 Fiat Scudo). We also have 2 forklift of 2 tons of capacity.


Delivery time
By appointment, from1 to 4 working days from the receipt of the goods.


Consultancy – Estimates
Creation of specific painting procedures suitable to your needs, with related studies, analysis, testing and subsequent samples.

The Painting
Formulas for particular aesthetic finishes
Liquid painting
Polyurethane, epoxy, synthetic into oven at 140 °, polyacrylic, double layer, orange-peel texture, embossed, textured, strictly industrial economical finishes.


Powder coating
Polyurethane, polyester, epoxy-polyester, epoxy or in the sample, possibility of small supplies made up of various colors.


Painting on the construction site
Painting with a high-pressure spray gun, with spray cans and relative filler by brush and roller.

Packaging All of our supplies include guaranteed packaging, and on request, spray cans for touch-ups too



Declaration of conformity and warranty certificate on our supplies. From 27 March 2009 our company complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

To download the full certificate click here.


The painting is a special process. “Special process” means the work whose result cannot be seen just from the final look of the product, but it is also given by many intermediate steps that need to be made and checked with scrupulous rigor. To achieve this, in addition to our experience we are assisted by 3rd level Frosio or Nace inspectors and chemists/technicians.


All of the processes, which are daily executed, are checked with our tools. Several tests are carried out and recorded on special files, that allow us to release a complete documentation of the procedures, in case of customer’s request.


Afterwards our productive personnel is given a report, containing all of the results achieved during tests on each phase of the work.



Control tools available:

- Thickness gauge (paint thickness control)

- Glossmeter (paint gloss control)


- Holiday Detector (uniformity of paint thickness control)


- Infrared thermometer ("dew point" calculation)

- Cross cut (paint adhesion control)

- Plasmatreat ( wetting control)

- Plasmatreat (cleaningconntrolof the surface to be painted)

- Pull-off adhesion tester (paint adherence control)

- Roughness gauge (sanding quality control)

- Thickness and hardness of the film P.I.G. gauge UNI EN ISO 2409

- Dima (grip control, for thicknesses greater than 150 microns.) UNI EN ISO 2409

- Detection and automatic recording of environmental data (data logger) ("dew point" calculation)

- Portable thermo-hygrometer ("dew point" calculation)

- Dust test Kit (dust control) UNI EN ISO 8502-3



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